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Busy Day For The Bio-sphere

Busy Day For The Bio-sphere

We had a busy day yesterday! I noticed the Stink Bug sitting on the outside of the screen so I started snapping like crazy. SO many unexpected bright colors. The last one of these I saw (and first one) last year was much bigger and all brown. Amazing! I’m too short to reach the window from outside so Jacob had to come to the rescue and snap a few from the front. Thanks for that!

After looking at the pictures online I decided to go back and snap a few more and HOLY MOLY it was laying eggs! I wasn’t sure if that was what I was seeing so I felt the urge to look away but the curiosity was killing me so I apologized for my voyeurism and decided it was in the interest of science. Then I was on a mission… Jacob found a weevil on some wood we’re re-purposing and it was like a party in the back with the slugs and worms thanks to all of the rain.

Yesterday Mother Nature’s cool factor way outweighed her ick factor.

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