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Free Educational Resources

I spent a really long time being pissed off that I couldn’t get a “proper” education with a certificate or diploma for free. Which is just silly. Nothing in life is free. Except it can be. If you look hard enough and don’t mind putting […]

Half Past Mid-Winter, Quarter to Spring

I read somewhere today that we should name a 5th season in Calgary, because it’s so unbelievably nice out. I won’t go into details because I forget most of them already but I do remember that I was all “nuh-uh” to their claim that this […]

The Mutant Tomato

The Mutant Tomato

My Aunt bought these tomatoes on the vine, from a store in Regina, SK. They sat on her counter for two weeks by the time I got there and I spent a week so these taken around the end of the 3 week mark.

Busy Day For The Bio-sphere

Busy Day For The Bio-sphere

We had a busy day yesterday! I noticed the Stink Bug sitting on the outside of the screen so I started snapping like crazy. SO many unexpected bright colors. The last one of these I saw (and first one) last year was much bigger and […]

Paved With Good Intentions

Composting. Hmpf. I’m all over teaching people to do it. However, I regularly practice, “do as I say not as I do”. One of those self improvement things I need to work on maybe. I spent a week in Kaslo, BC about 5 years ago. […]

What Is A Lasagna Garden?

I have to admit, I was surprised to find out a lasagna garden was not a space to grow lasagna ingredients. Although, I will be addressing a spaghetti garden later… Bill Mollison, who is known for being the “Father of Permaculture” (or one of them […]

No Planting Day

So says the Farmer’s Almanac anyway. Check it here, for real! I’m going out on a limb and taking their word for it. Since I’ve taken the plunge and gone all openly bat-shit crazy about plants I’ve noticed how many times a day I hear […]

Mini Daffodils and Lenny Kravitz

What do these have in common you ask? Nothing much really, but I picked up the mini’s yesterday and I have Lenny Kravitz stuck in my head every time I start playing in the dirt lately. Listen Here! So what’s the deal with the Daffodils? […]

Asparagus Fern Roots

This is all kinds of weird focused but I love this shot. I picked up a new Asparagus Fern the other day and it made me feel really bad for the one we already had. I’m pretty sure I’ve totally under watered it, which in […]

Starting Seeds!

This is the month in Calgary to start seeds inside if that’s what you’re planning on doing. Maybe you want to have some home grown seeds but don’ t have the time to babysit them until they are ready to go in the ground after […]