Cultivate Your Bliss


Half Past Mid-Winter, Quarter to Spring

I read somewhere today that we should name a 5th season in Calgary, because it’s so unbelievably nice out. I won’t go into details because I forget most of them already but I do remember that I was all “nuh-uh” to their claim that this […]

What Is A Lasagna Garden?

I have to admit, I was surprised to find out a lasagna garden was not a space to grow lasagna ingredients. Although, I will be addressing a spaghetti garden later… Bill Mollison, who is known for being the “Father of Permaculture” (or one of them […]

Winter Loves Us

It would seem someone missed the memo regarding the cease and desist order we (YYC) collectively put on the snow. Looking for the happy plant side to it – the snow is reflecting more light than usual into the house which our jungle is loving. […]