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Don’t Lick This Plant

Don’t Lick This Plant

Dieffenbachia, also known as Dumb Cane, also known as Mother In Law Plant (not sure if there is a joke or insinuation in there somewhere) have  needle like calcium oxolate crystals called Raphides. I don’t really know that licking it would be that bad but apparently chewing it can cause all kinds of malfunctions in your junctions and in that of kids and animals so keep an eye out! It can cause a burning sensation, erythema (rash), localized swelling, etc. Find out more on Wikipedia.

We were given this one along with a few others that I’m trying really hard not to kill with kindness or neglect. I think finding balance in the way you care for your plants will eventually translate to finding balance within yourself. The very act of nurturing plants on a regular basis can remove you momentarily from your daily stresses. Nurture nature, nurture you.

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