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Rebel Garden

The Perpetual Rebel Garden:
I started this because I saw the post that flew around the internet about growing food from food. I was already interested in greenhouse gardening, environmental design and prairie horticulture not to mention the houseplants. When I saw that somewhat viral image near the beginning of the gardening /fresh food revolution (evolution), it really kick started my interest in growing food as much as anything if not more than. If I could grow my own food it would be one step closer to self-reliance and several towards decreasing my personal footprint. Of course I didn’t start really thinking about that so much until I started studying Permaculture through lectures recorded at NCSU. Open course learning rocks. I would so much rather spend time watching these lectures than anything on TV…

Where was I? Oh yeah. So I also like getting something I’ve bought at the store to continue growing because I think it’s my middle age version of stickin’ it to the man… With a rebel yell, she cried Grow Grow Grow. Yup. That’s me.


I think these were a beautiful subject for taking pictures. Unfortunately at the time I had a lot going on (transparent excuses) and I neglected to change out the water regularly. I think if I had rinsed it every day it would have done better. As it stood, they all eventually ended up rotting before they did anything substantial. I tried a couple in soil instead of water and it rotted faster. We kicked the tropical fruit habit for a while around our house but if we ever fall off the wagon (I really really hope that happens) you know I’ll be trying it again.



Sweet Potato


Green Onion



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