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Half Past Mid-Winter, Quarter to Spring

I read somewhere today that we should name a 5th season in Calgary, because it’s so unbelievably nice out. I won’t go into details because I forget most of them already but I do remember that I was all “nuh-uh” to their claim that this is anything other than normal for February. I remember clearly the year we moved here, 1984; first week of February I was outside, in my shorts washing the car with my Dad. Maybe it isn’t totally normal but it has happened. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I want to plant something right f-ing now.

I had the brilliant idea the other day to defy Mother Nature and build a cold frame on the deck. This has quickly moved on to a small greenhouse.  I keep thinking of reasons why in order to justify it and then I remember we’re grown ups and we can grow tomatoes on our deck if we want to. At least in theory. It may not get enough light to support tomatoes but we’ll see.  There are a few steps to work out… Like where to get the material for as little Cha-ching as possible.

We’ve mostly convinced ourselves that we can move at the end of May. Yikes. So, not only are we moving, we’re moving whatever we have growing straight into our new garden wherever that may be. That means a few things. First, I have to plan for an unseen site for our garden. This isn’t a HUGE deal because yard/garden space is one of the main things we’re looking for in a new place. Garage, and garden space. I’m open to gardening ON the garage if need be. That probably won’t happen.

Second, greenhouse needs to be easily dismantled and re… mantled. I know, reassembled, it’s funny. Whatever.

It will probably be made out of pipe and poly. If I can find recycled materials I will. But if not this will be used in the same capacity for years to come and if not it will be used for something else like irrigating beds etc. Hmm. We also need a giant tarp that we can cover it with when it does get cold overnight. Maybe old quilts or afgans covered with more clear poly? It’s only a thing because it isn’t in the backyard, it’s off the front side of the house and the main road goes right by, the landlords see the house all the time. I have a hard enough time covering things with tarps in the back yard. I just don’t like it. I’m a tarp snob. Shame on me. So yeah. Quilts. Sally Anne will have some. I’ll need a bunch…

I’ve completely lost track. I’m off to doodle our greenhouse. If I draw it chances are WAY better it might happen. I’m sure of it.

There is nothing of value in this post. Just thoughts.  Sorry…



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