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hgwasp-bigI thought I loved my macro lens before. WOW. Yesterday we watched a video by MHPGardener that talked about helpful insects like a Parasite Wasp.

The Parasite Wasp lays it’s eggs in the eggs of Aphids. I don’t think I need to go into the gory details past that. You get the idea. Imagine my “gleeful surprise” when I was watering inside this morning and found this!

We have over 60 vessels containing different plants in the house so, there are a few pests. Surprisingly, not many. I’m starting to wonder if this guy is why.

We found another MUCH larger version about 3 weeks ago which got sent back outside. Then I found another big one on the door yesterday and now this little one today. Hmm. I’m really hoping there isn’t a nest hiding in my house somewhere.

We THINK we identified them as Wood Wasps when they were big, but I’m starting to wonder. This is the first clear set of pics I’ve been able to take. It was like he was posing for me! If you know what this is, please let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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MHPGardener on Youtube. This guy is great, lot’s of information that he’s happy to share.)

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