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Lets Play Name That Shrub! UPDATED

Lets Play Name That Shrub! UPDATED


Mystery Shrub


I’ve been looking all over the place to figure out what this is. Clearly I’m missing something in my search terms. MOM!!! Help?

This shrub (?) was about 7 or 8′ tall when we moved in. It was trimmed down a fair amount (much to my dismay), but it’s sure trying to show off anyway.

I see them all over the place in Calgary. Sooo pretty. Now I know how tall they can get too. This would be awesome for a tall hedge if you were looking for live fence options.



Thank you to Sheryl from the Calgary Horticultural Society for letting me know!

“This photo is of a Prunus species, most likely a nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa).  They have either white or pink five-petalled flowers, and they can reach a height of about 13 feet.”

Sheryl also has her own blog site,, which I can tell just by a quick look that I’ll be spending a lot of time reading what she’s got to say!

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