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no-plantingSo says the Farmer’s Almanac anyway. Check it here, for real! I’m going out on a limb and taking their word for it. Since I’ve taken the plunge and gone all openly bat-shit crazy about plants I’ve noticed how many times a day I hear or see metaphors or puns (the proper term is escaping me) related to the bio-sphere. Out on a limb for example.

I think I’ll make a poster with all of the different phrases I can think of. Send me yours and I’ll send you a digital file of the finished poster. Decor for your greenhouse or that special fanatical gardener in your life?

Yesterday was a difficult day for me because we DID have a great lumbering Crabapple tree in the back yard offering us some privacy (once it blooms) from our neighbors to the one side and from the houses across the alley; all towering over our outdoor space and bedroom windows because of the slope we’re on. The bulk of the tree is still there but the amount cut off still has me in shock.

apple-beforeThe privacy it offered from the side is gone completely and I can assure you I’ll be putting something on when I get up in the middle of the night or morning from now on! The tree made it so I could leave all but our bedroom curtains open and just stroll around the back of the house not concerned with traumatizing the neighbors (inside not out!).

Oh well. As my hubby said, “we can’t glue them back on.” Meaning the amputated limbs not my clothes

He is truly made for me. Anyone else would have sent me for counseling the way I reacted. Instead he chased away the landlords the minute he could to stop any further destruction. My hero. Now we just have to figure out how to deal with the carnage.

carnageI can collect as many cuttings as is humanly possible and try to grow a forest. Between the apple tree and the lilac bushes we’ll be surrounded! So there. I’m trying every method I’ve found for rooting both. Just not today, because the Farmer’s Almanac said so and who am I to argue with them?

Apple Orchard? Wand Forest? Free fruit forest? Trees for everyone I have ever met?

At the very least we have plenty of material to make a gate and fence for the garden. And maybe a few other things… Remember kids, There is no waste in Nature!

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