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Questionable History

Questionable History

melita_grain_elevator_smIn case there was ever a question as to where my love for Mother Earth came from, we can look at these examples. Kids, in the late 70’s I lived in a lovely little Southern Manitoba prairie town called Melita. My mom grew up there. It’s one of those places full of beautiful old houses and trees that make giant arches for you to walk under, down the middle of the road because if there is any traffic they’re driving a respectable speed. I don’t know if that’s still the case… I hope so.


Did you do this?
Did you do this?

I went looking for a picture of my Grandma’s garden today (she lived in a different lovely little town in South Saskatchewan) and found a few extras that I’d completely forgotten about. I think the tree pictures offer a fairly decent explanation of why I get so wound up when I see giant healthy trees fall to the ground. These ones were in my Grandma Madeline’s yard. At least I think that’s them.


 I don’t remember leaping from 8 feet up in our yard into the leaves.

Daddio's Lawn
Daddio’s Lawn

Our yard had all the grass on the front and the same size of garden in the back. That’s how I remember it anyway. I need to find more pictures. I can’t fault my Dad too much for fertilizing like a mad man. He’s in his happy boots! There were trees all around. What a great place to grow up.




Grandma's Garden
Grandma’s Garden

Getting back to Grandma Vylet’s garden, let me tell you – I can only hope to achieve the awesomeness of this garden. I remember a rock garden in Melita and lots of trees and grass, but the one in Rockglen, SK is the one that I think of when the word garden enters my head. Amazing. There was corn, potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, flowers, everything. Spectacular.




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