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No, it isn’t what you think. I’m not tracking waves. If alternate universes are real, I’m sure I am somewhere. In this plane of existence I’m all over the www map on a given day so I lose track. I know, I can look up on my history where I’ve been. Have you tried to find an article you read 6 months ago? It seems a lot easier to make my own searchable reference.

So here goes. I had company today so I didn’t surf much… Had I started this yesterday well, let’s just say I was embracing my short attention span to the nth degree. 

10 Garden Planning Tips Non-Gardeners Need

Learn The Etiquette of Good Linking 

Calgary Seed Chart

Forgot why I bought Wormwood seeds. I’ll write my own info on it later. I think I got it because it’s what Absyinthe is made from so it has a dark darkside. I’m making an Apothecary garden, this sort of fits into that.

Disclaimer: Just because I shared an article I think is informative or interesting does not mean that I agree with everything it says, it does not mean that I agree with any particular philosophy, dogma, belief system or set of morals that the linked site may represent. I do not wish to cause harm or offend anyone, or support any person, institution or entity that would. I’m not affiliated with anyone who I’ve linked to. 

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