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I have to admit, I was surprised to find out a lasagna garden was not a space to grow lasagna ingredients. Although, I will be addressing a spaghetti garden later…

Bill Mollison, who is known for being the “Father of Permaculture” (or one of them at least – depending who you talk to) addresses lasagna gardens in one of his videos. I’ve also seen it on The Art of Gardening (great series). They are cropping up all over the place. Pun intended this time.

You can build a lasagna garden anywhere as long as you get a good amount of sun during the day. On grass, on crappy soil, Bill Mollison says even on concrete. It’s built up layers (hence the name) of wet newspaper or wet cardboard, and a variety of compost, hay, leaves, etc. Then straw. Poke a hole in the straw, throw in some compost / soil blend and plant away.

Also known as sheet composting or a No Dig Garden; that’s the point. It seems like a ton of work but Mr. Mollison says it should take about 40 minutes and you have your garden ready to go for the season. You’ll never have to dig weeds, you won’t spend the year trying to amend the soil and it will all turn into a fabulous, rich organic soil for the following year; maybe even for successive planting this year if the weather allows?

Our garden is already there, but it hasn’t been touched in a very long time. So, this seems like the least physically intensive solution. I’m sure hubby will appreciate that when the time comes and I start batting my eyelashes. I’ll post pictures of the whole project I’m sure.

One thing that I’m really excited to try is one of these on a table top. I’m experimenting with accessibility in design. Hmm. Different post for that.

If you have anything to add to this topic please do so! Did it work for you? What plants were thriving or pouting? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

For a much better description, some great diagrams or video how to, please have a look at some of the links below. All great sources of information. Plant On!

References & Links:
Bill Mollison Permaculture Series
I recommend the whole set presented here, but I think the no-dig / lasagna garden is in the home gardening video. Beware the sound. The intro song is really quiet and garbled but the lecture is regular volume.

The Art Of Gardening
This is a great series I found done by a family somewhere in the Southern States.  Mom and her three daughters cover lasagna gardens, potato patches, herbs and how to set up a compost.

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