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Lets Play Name That Shrub! UPDATED

Lets Play Name That Shrub! UPDATED

  I’ve been looking all over the place to figure out what this is. Clearly I’m missing something in my search terms. MOM!!! Help? This shrub (?) was about 7 or 8′ tall when we moved in. It was trimmed down a fair amount (much […]

Questionable History

Questionable History

In case there was ever a question as to where my love for Mother Earth came from, we can look at these examples. Kids, in the late 70’s I lived in a lovely little Southern Manitoba prairie town called Melita. My mom grew up there. […]

What Is A Lasagna Garden?

I have to admit, I was surprised to find out a lasagna garden was not a space to grow lasagna ingredients. Although, I will be addressing a spaghetti garden later… Bill Mollison, who is known for being the “Father of Permaculture” (or one of them […]

No Planting Day

So says the Farmer’s Almanac anyway. Check it here, for real! I’m going out on a limb and taking their word for it. Since I’ve taken the plunge and gone all openly bat-shit crazy about plants I’ve noticed how many times a day I hear […]

Mini Daffodils and Lenny Kravitz

What do these have in common you ask? Nothing much really, but I picked up the mini’s yesterday and I have Lenny Kravitz stuck in my head every time I start playing in the dirt lately. Listen Here! So what’s the deal with the Daffodils? […]

Asparagus Fern Roots

This is all kinds of weird focused but I love this shot. I picked up a new Asparagus Fern the other day and it made me feel really bad for the one we already had. I’m pretty sure I’ve totally under watered it, which in […]

Winter Loves Us

It would seem someone missed the memo regarding the cease and desist order we (YYC) collectively put on the snow. Looking for the happy plant side to it – the snow is reflecting more light than usual into the house which our jungle is loving. […]

Starting Seeds!

This is the month in Calgary to start seeds inside if that’s what you’re planning on doing. Maybe you want to have some home grown seeds but don’ t have the time to babysit them until they are ready to go in the ground after […]