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Requirements: Fragrant or Air Filtering, Tasty (for cooking), Non-toxic to cats.

My search for suitable plants for this client is starting with those that are non-toxic to cats. Tasty and fragrant can be experimented with and replaced. Cats, not so much. First rule: do no harm!

Curly SueSpider Plant
One of my all time favorite plants. Difficult to kill and non-toxic to the furry ones. Tolerant of low light levels. This picture is of the  “Curly Sue” variation that has given me several off-shoots.
 Palm (Charmaedorea elegans)
Non-toxic to cats, undergrowth in Nature so it tolerates lower light levels. Lady Palm
This is on the ASPCA non-toxic list, but it has also been studied by NASA. According to them this Palm is on the Air Filtering Plants In Space list, with a check mark next to Ammonia and non-toxic (bazinga!). It might help with the kitty smell in a home with cats. I’ve switched from Crazy Cat Lady to plants so…I need a volunteer for an experiment! The study says you need 15 – 18 good size plants in an 1800 sq.ft. space to be effective. Hmm…
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Bamboo (Charmaedorea elegans – this needs more research – not the right name! This is a parlor palm!)
NOT Draceana Sanderia / Lucky Bamboo – these are toxic.

Golden Palm

Pony Tail Palm

Pearl Plant

Spicy Orchid

Lamb’s Tail

Cliff Brake Fern

Hens & Chickens

14_25_32_608_cat_and_catgrass_Medium__smallCRAZY PLANT LADY CAT GRASS
Container size will depend on number of cats. Most house plants get eaten because the cat is bored or lonely or it just wants a snack (I read that somewhere – no cats have made this claim to me personally). Sometimes they just smell good I guess. If you have cat grass around it will give the cat’s something to enjoy that isn’t toxic to them and from most reports is actually good for their digestive system. It’s an organic, unprocessed treat for your cats. It will also distract them from eating the plants that are there for YOUR enjoyment.

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