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Everyone needs a purpose. We also need to support ourselves and those two things don’t always line up exactly how we might like. I’m working on it, studying my butt off. I’m using this website to help finance that for now. I spent a long time struggling with the idea of advertising on my pages because I didn’t have a focus. No goal in sight and I never felt comfortable doing it just for the money but now I see I my path with so much more clarity. Try as I might to be as frugal as humanly possible, I can’t navigate that path for free. So, throughout this site you will come across a few ways of ‘makin some scratch’ that I’m experimenting with. 

It’s very important to me that people understand that if I’m advertising or promoting something other than my own work, it’s a product or service I truly feel is valuable. I will not utilize automated ad tools of any kind that adapt to the viewer or play videos or other flashy junk that sucks up your data. If it’s on my page it’s because I put it there, with thought and consideration to the content and with respect for the people I’m hoping will enjoy this website. 

Here’s what I’m thinking about:



Sponsored Posts – still not completely sold on doing this. I guess it would help if I found a sponsor! I think I may take a different approach. 

Affiliate Links – I’ve signed up with a few different affiliate programs to see were it gets me. and are two sites that I’ve purchased from in the past and I’ve always been pleased with their level of service and I’m happy to recommend using both of them. If you visit their sites through my page and make any purchases, I will receive a % of the sale. 

Paid Medical Experiments (kidding)

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