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Seven Months Later…
It’s the end of January, we still have a ton of snow. It’s starting to warm up in the form of Chinooks which come with a pretty consistent level of headaches. I’m sure its really fun to be around me right now!I have a month to finish my Permaculture course and I’m excited to design our yard using as many of the permaculture principals as possible, while keeping the fact that we’re renters in mind. Our landlady has said we’re free to do what we want in the yard so I’m keeping that in mind too! We have a line on a used spiral staircase that I have in mind for a garden project. Oooohh…. I’m also following the Sun around to decide where I want to put the greenhouse when the time comes. I’m torn between the patio and the driveway. I might post some pictures to a forum or two and ask someone that knows much more than me about it! I’ve tried reading through the solar greenhouse textbooks we have kicking around and honestly it sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher in my head. Which is unfortunate because I’m determined to get one set up and successfully grow our own food if not enough to share or sell at a market eventually. Only time will tell. For now I’ll just be happy if enough melts that I can lift the cold frame lid off the raised bed in the back yard. The snow has all turned to one big ice block that’s heavy enough to weigh it down but not enough to rip though it. Pain in the butt really… So that’s where I’m at…

Seven Months Ago:
We’re moving at the end of June. No idea where, so no idea what the garden situation is going to be. I have a bunch of seeds to read up on and see what we can do with the time we have here, starting with sprouting inside and using a cold frame / greenhouse until we move.

Its all pretty much a giant experiment at this point. I’m hoping to keep track of it here and maybe share some useful information along the way. Also with the intent of joining a HUGE community that spans the globe, made up of like minded people that want to care for the Earth and serve a purpose greater than themselves. 

I’m slowly learning to embrace who I really am, without fear and head on. Getting my hands dirty and growing things is a massive part of that. That awareness of connectivity comes with more clarity every day. Hopefully I can put it all into words that come close to describing it one day. In any event, there will be lots of pretty pictures. Jump back to the future... heh heh


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