Cultivate Your Bliss





It would seem like the whole planet is suddenly getting into growing their own food again. I don’t want to say the M word. But I’m sure they have been turned into the face of evil that most of us need to revolutionize the way we think and do – anything. Whatever, works for me! I want to grow my own food and ingredients for a healthy existence and I want to prove to people how easy it can be. How inexpensive it can be. And how I think it’s the only way to become truly responsible for myself.

So far the only thing we’ve really grown for food since all of this started is a bucket full of radish seeds, some beans, peas, tomatoes, basil and a few squashes. But we’re getting there. I’ve also been experimenting with perpetual gardening. Ie: celery & green onions and I grew some tiny little potatoes in a jar in the living room just to see if I could. They were SO cute!


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