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In The Jungle

There are well over 60 plants in our house at any given time. I think it’s fair to call that a jungle. In about a week we’ve been in this house for a year. I have a pretty good idea of where the Sun is most of the year. So now that it’s Winter, I’m considering moving the lot to the other side of the house. The angle of the sun changes so dramatically over our house through the colder months that the light is increased substantially at the back and our North West facing front window is dismal in comparison to the Summer months.

Curly SueWe’re currently nursing a shwack of spider plants that we cut off and planted into pods in the Spring.

The Winter Rebellion Garden of 2013 is well on it’s way. We have replaced the languishing Celery Brigade of the spring rebellion due to it all rotting over the summer. I haven’t been putting them into soil, just water so I think I’ll try soil again. See if they last a little longer. I love the smell of Celery leaves. I swoosh them whenever I walk by.

The Sweetheart Potato Farm also bit the dust. Somewhere along the way we got spider mites. At least that’s what I think they were. They all went outside. Too bad, one was over 5′ long! Taking over the kitchen. The potatoes in the living room are doing the same. Octopotato…

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