Cultivate Your Bliss


There are so many tools and foods and terms, remembering it takes up way too much space and I get way too easily distracted when I go looking for information online. 

I thought of doing a page called what the fuck is ‘…’? But that’s just an excuse to drop the f bomb. Ooh edgy. meh. One more habit I’m working on freeing myself from. I busted myself using it 3 times in conversation with my parents the other night. Really unnecessary. I would like to use the f bomb the way I do salt. There are so many ways to flavor a dish, salt isn’t always required or wanted. Occasionally, it’s the only thing that will do the trick. Buy it needs to be the right dish. Or, social encounter. I’m just out of practice, fuck it.

My first word in my glossary is (insert drumroll):

Tahini is a paste made of toasted sesame seeds and olive oil. Used as a condiment and a staple ingredient in several Middle Eastern dishes, including cookies. I looked it up today because I want to try this Wild Rice & Roasted Veg Salad I originally found on, my new favorite food site. I’ve decided I’m going to make my own Tahini but I need to go get some seeds first. I found some in the back of a cupboard that probably expired around the time my kid moved out… Hmm, not going to chance it. 

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