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A Quest You Say?

I just wrote this on LinkedIn. Apparently you can verify yourself on rentfaster through it, and we’re on the hunt for a house so it was time to update my profile. I think it sums it up pretty good so here it is!

There’s a treat at the bottom…
I’m currently working on being certified as a Permaculture Designer and Aromatherapist. After years of bouncing off the walls trying to decide what to do when I grow up, I figured it out. I don’t feel grown up yet, so I figure I’m ahead of the game.
After I’m done with the first two programs I’m moving on to Wholistic Nutritionist & Practical Herbalist certifications. I have two ultimate goals:

Practice what I preach. If I’m writing about it and promoting it, I want to know everything I can about it, so I can practice and responsibly share what I’ve learned.
The big BIG goal is to supply those that do practice and continue making my own line of natural products, out of what I’ve grown as well as providing a learning environment for those interested once I’m established whether that be in an urban setting or a rural one – in which case I’ll be offering wellness retreats, which is a whole other level that I’m not even getting into right now. Two things at a time… I don’t want to practice Herbalism in a clinical setting. I have no desire to diagnose anything more than plant problems for example, ‘your radishes have ants’. 
That’s about it. I can’t do it for free and I don’t qualify for any student funding that I’ve found yet so, all of my work is dedicated to funding these lofty goals. Artwork, design, soap and lip balm, photography, advertising income from blogs, garage sale, whatever. It’s all for that purpose. And maybe the occasional sandwich.
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