Cultivate Your Bliss


I can’t help myself. Macro shots especially, never cease to amaze me. Discovering the intricate patterns and complex systems that you can’t see when you just walk by a flower or a leaf, or bug. Of course sometimes you need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. One of the best lessons I’ve learned in this quest for knowledge of mine isn’t a piece of knowledge at all. It’s the reminder to stop and pay attention. Observe. Notice. See what’s at work, and remember to look away from the camera once in a while.

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All of the photos you find here are available for digital download or printed here. As much as I love the idea of printing them myself and sending them, it’s a better deal for you to get a digital download and print it wherever you are – minimizing the footprint. Obviously, for personal use only – unless it’s for a book report or something. Do people still do book reports?


If you want them for commercial purposes please contact me. My other alter ego has been a part of the visual communications industry for well over a decade. If you would like me to find someone in your area that can print something for you or if you need specific images – I can do that to! In the meantime, enjoy the photos! I certainly do.

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