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An essential part of the P word is Biological diversity. A side effect of learning all of this stuff is my slow acceptance of all things creepy and or crawly. Everything serves a purpose. Except moths. My Mom and I agreed on the May long weekend that Moths serve no purpose whatsoever. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I get a macro shot of a Moth.

So, here is a photographic listing of the Critters I’ve run into recently or in years past. I’m getting a lot braver, like I said. So there are some SUPER close up shots. If you know what they are and have any info on them that I’m missing or have totally wrong please let me know in the comments!

We share the Earth with these things, so I figure I might as well learn what they are all about. It also helps with that whole fear thing. They’re really quite beautiful. (Except Moths.)

If you are weak of heart when it comes to things with more than 2 legs, this is your final warning!


‘Em are ducks
‘Em are not ducks
Oh yes ’em are
See dose eddi-beddi wings
‘ell I be, ’em are ducks!
(author unknown)

 When my daughter was younger there was a HUGE Daddy Long Legs on the wall that I thought was super cool. So I called her to come see it and she came running around the corner and FREAKED OUT, like for half an hour. I had no idea it would do that to her. Wow, I felt terrible. Poor kid.

To this day I’m always sure that it’s my fault she’s an Arachnophobe now. And then I remember when I was pregnant her Dad killed a spider with a can of hairspray and lighter so he didn’t have to get too close. It might not be my fault. The moral is, just because you think something is Rad-tastic, doesn’t mean the wee ones do. It’ll give you a lovely story for their wedding one day but you’ll feel like a jerk every time there is an “incident”. Believe me!

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