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As a designer I’ve always been interested in vintage illustrations and advertisements of all kinds. My very first homemade soap gift bags had a Victorian illustration of a clawfoot tub on the label that I scanned out of … Victorian Goods and Mechandise: 2,300 illustrations, the book if you can imagine 

WAIT!! Jeez, it’s been that long I’m totally wrong but I’ve gone to the trouble of linking the first one so I’ll leave it because it’s a great resource! The CORRECT book that I shamefully infringed upon because I did not know any better at the time? and it was for gifts so…um. Embarrassing.

Health And Beauty The Natural Way, by Nerys Purchon is a fantastic book that got me started on making bath oils,tub tea  and soap. My copy is falling apart if that’s any indication. It’s full of recipes and guidelines for safely making your own products, which I love doing and I will be sharing lots about that too.




I’ve been looking through some public domain pictures and books and there’s so much cool stuff out there that I think I’ll share some if only because I can, and because I may want to use it some day for a T-shirt or a label or whatever. So I’m building a little library I guess. I’m going to try to only use public domain and creative commons for now, I will always include the copyright info with whatever I share. If you see something that shouldn’t be here or is missing info please let me know



Food & Nutrition

Health & Wellness

Educational Illustrations

Seemed like a good idea at the time?





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