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Crazy Plant Lady

Crazy Plant Lady

Under renovation ... mind your step.

Happy Spring!

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Thank YOU, for taking the time to visit! As usual the site is in a constant state of flux.

Spring is happening all over the place. I’m ankle deep in a Permaculture design course and an Aromatherapy certification course, getting ready to move in July and still hoping to grow as much as we possibly can. It’s going to be an adventure!

Thanks to the many like minded people I find every day from around the internet – just looking to take care of their families, communities and the planet as a whole. I’ve learned so much already. Hopefully I’ll be able to share something that someone else might find helpful in their journey.  

Before I start sounding too much like a greeting card, a quick word about ads…

It’s very important to me that people understand that if I’m advertising or promoting something other than my own work, it’s a product or service I truly feel is valuable. I will not utilize automated ad tools of any kind that adapt to the viewer or play videos or other flashy junk that sucks up your data. Those blocks drive me batty. If it’s on my page it’s because I put it there, with thought and consideration to the content and with respect for the people I’m hoping will enjoy this website. Read various disclaimers and ad info here.

I usually do a BUNCH of different stuff on a given day (see my other neglected website title). I’ll try my best to keep this page focused in a general direction. I am on a bit of a mission after all. No really good story is without it’s quest. Read more about that on my mission page.

Not much else to add at the moment. I have seeds to sow!

Happy Planting,

Crazy Plant Lady
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